Brownie Batter Ice Cream

If you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE making ICE CREAM!! I love eating it too but making it is my favorite thing in the culinary world.

So I’ve decided to make brownie batter ice cream with reeses pieces. I love reeses in ice cream and I thought about making cake batter but opted for brownies.


3/4 cup brownie mix

3/4 cup sugar

2 tsp vanilla

1 cup whole milk

2 cups cream divided

5 egg yolks

Place sugar, milk, and 1 cup cream in pan and bring to a boil, whisk in the brownie mix and temper in the yolks. Bring to a simmer until the mix beginns to thicken. Strain into the last cup of cream and let cool in the fridge. Freeze according to your ice cream maker.

In the last 3 minutes you can add in mix ins if you have an electric mixer. I added reeses bc chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination!

This ice cream is so silky and smooth and I’m in love. I’ve never made or have even had ice cream so silky in my life. Its what ice cream should be. In my eyes….its absolutely perfect!


Week 7

Well we are coming in on week 7 here and I have to say that this weekend was hard for me bc my sciatica was acting up severely. It sucked. But this week hopefully will be different!

For you active athletes you should know about cellucore products and force factor as well. For people who just workout but don’t know what I’m talking about well i use cellucore and C4 products all the time! I love the pre workout drinks and bcaa drinks as well. The pre workout drinks actually do work! And they’re always zero sugar and calories and as for force factor…well I use the Leanfire XT which is a fat burner and I’ve been using it for a year now and it helps in the morning to wake up and it keeps my energy levels up throughout the day without crashing.

I’ve also found some protein snacks that are pretty good as well: Enlightened brand makes great products, Crunch bars are great too, Kind bars of course, and MacroBars are awesome!

And since I’m being sober for a year, and trying to stay away from soda and what not, I drink a lot of sparkling water. La croix is good but this new brand called Bubly is 10xs better! It has so much more flavor than la croix but zero sweeteners and calories. I hate drinking just regular plain water so thats why I recommend sparkling water.. it keeps things interesting!

Week 6

Although Ive been biking everywhere, I did go for a 2 mile run the other day! And my calves and heals were sore. I could barely walk the next day. But that is what happens when I run outside i guess!

Im planning on joining a gym again and starting up bbg as well again too. Its just hard with working 2 jobs to get a workout in but by golly I’m determined too.

I also need to start a diet plan. Working in 2 Italian restaurants, it’s hard to keep on a diet because of all the carbs and cheese. I just need to find a day to meal prep my meals for the week!

And since I’m sober, I’m having the biggest sweet tooth ever! I’m craving ice cream all the time. So my alternative for that is to eat Enlightened brand ice cream. It has more protein and less sugar and carbs and has an exact calorie count per pint. Ben and Jerrys ice cream is starting to do the same thing as well qhich is nice.

If I can become more vegetarian in my diet that would be awesome but for now I’m going to be concentrating on getting back into workingout since I’ve been out of that for 3 weeks.

Week 5

Well only a week left till I get back into healthy mode again. I’m still slowly moving into my new apartment but life has also been busy with work 2 jobs!

I’ve been trying to eat healthy as much as I possibly can but its hard at work especially when all I eat is pizza and sweets. I do do a lot of intermittent fasting so that I dont consume so many calories and I bike almost 4 miles daily which I think is helping a bit. But after this week I’ll be in full beast mode again and training for my next 5k.

With this move and working 2 jobs I’ve just been unmotivated lately but all that will change. I’m gonna wake up early, go run to the park, workouts and then run back home! I figure for having 80° weather out here in Colorado why not! And I live right next to 2 parks anyways.

Week 4 of the Challenge

Well we’re at week 4 and although I’ve taken a 2 week break, I’ll be back at it again come next friday. I’m going to start bbg (bikini body guide) again, I’m gonna try shakeology soon and I’m gonna start up my miss muscle box again soon too! Changes are coming, I just have had to take a bit of a break so that I can reset and start fresh!

I’m also all moved into my new apartment, its not complete but at least I’m moved in!

The good news is I’ve been biking everywhere! I live 15 minutes from basically everything and I love it. And I live super close to a park so I’m going to start running there, do a workout, and run back home while still using my bike to get everywhere else.

The only thing that sucks is that on my way back from work it’s all up hill (completely downhill on the qay there though). It’s a good workout though! But at least I’m getting my workout in.

I know I said this blog was gonna be a “lifestyle change” blog, but like I’ve said, I needed to take a break and reset so that I’m gonna come back even better than before. That and I’ve been kinda busy because I’m working 2 jobs at the moment and with the move….well yeah I’ve just been busy.

Week 3

Ok so my cumputer died and i havent had internet until 2 days ago, so I have to write these posts on my phone haha. But it’s all good because im back!

Well I ran my first 5k of the season and I can usually run 3.1 miles in half an hour and I ran this race is 27.06 minutes! Thats honestly a personal record for me and I have 2 more 5ks coming up this summer and I plan on beating that record!

I also am thinking of starting up BBG again because it did really help me.

For those of you who have heard of bbg but havent tried it, I can say from experience that it does work if you follow everything and keep yourself accountable! It’s an app you download on your phone and the app is called “sweat” its by Kayla Itsines.

Anyways I wanted to keep myself responsible on this blog and to inspire others to be accountable for their workouts and goals!

Day 12

I’m so busy this week with packing my stuff and finding a place to move into by Friday, Saturday at the latest, and I have applied to a place and waiting to hear back (hopefully today).

I am going to try to workout all week, but I think doing some heavy lifting of my stuff at the old apartment will be similar to weightlifting right? I mean I’ll have to lift my t.v. into it’s box.

Since it is another day off for me, it’s another I.F. day. For some odd reason I’m not that hungry on my days off. But I also tend to sleep a lot on my days off so I think that helps with fasting too.

I’m not gonna lie, writing everyday is hard! So I’m thinking of writing maybe every 2 days. Keep things interesting you know. Or switch it to once a week, and then maybe write about things like intermittent fast, or juice cleanses, etc…or recipes that I’ve come up with!

Let me know if you have any ideas or questions!