All About Food

Alrighty, so this post isn’t about a recipe, but it is about food. Food that most people are stupid about. Food that is 100% natural but people don’t seem to except it!

My problem is “animal by-products.”

For years now, people have been complaining about animal by-products. It pisses me off so much because those are people who don’t understand what exactly an animal by-product actually is.

Animal by-products are…well…they’re basically the parts of the animal that people throw away. It’s all the chicken liver, kidneys, brains, etc… and animals and us used to eat them.

I hate when people are always like “animal by-products are bad for my pet.” Those people are stupid because our pets used to be wild animals who ate basically every part of the animal it hunted! I mean what do people think they’re pet used to eat when it was wild? French Pate? No they ate animal by-products! Wild animals eat every part of the prey they kill…THAT’S LIFE PEOPLE!

So why are people so concerned about their pets eating animal by-products? This makes no sense to me what so ever.

We as people eat some animal by-products. I mean do people even know what chicken or beef stock is made out of?

In other countries, people eat the unwanted parts of the animal because it’s a waste of food not too. Or the parts that people in our country would throw away…in another country would be used for medicinal problems. By-products have benefits for our bodies, for our pets bodies too. But people don’t understand because they don’t look up what a by-product is so they get scared. Goes with saying about the rest of the ingredients that people can’t pronounce or don’t even try to understand.

The reason why I’m writing this is because every body needs to be educated about this problem! There needs to be a high school class (that’s is required to graduate) about the education of food and the history of food.

I don’t care is people get angry while reading this post. This is how I feel and it’s the honest truth. People are too closed minded about food that it’s hurting our pets and ourselves.


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