Kaiser Buns/Rolls

A couple months ago I picked up some Kangaroo Meat that was on sale at Sprouts. I was super excited but because the weather was too cold to grill, I froze the meat until this weekend (mainly because it’s going to be like 90 degrees here in Colorado). And instead of going to the store and buying buns for like $3’s, I made my own because I already had the ingredients!

Ingredients: 1 package active dry yeast, 1 cup warm water (about 112 degrees F), 3 cups of bread flour (you can use all purpose if you want i just think the texture doesn’t come out as good), 1 Tbsp honey, 1/2 Tbsp salt, 1 Egg white, and 1 Tbsp shortening or butter.

First combine the yeast and water and let sit for about 5 minutes (if no foam shows then your yeast is too old and you have to buy new). Add in all the other ingredients except the egg white and mix with the dough hook (or with you hands) until a ball of dough is formed. Blend in the egg white and knead of medium speed for about 5 minutes. Let sit covered in a bowl for at least 2 hours or until the dough has doubled in size

Once the dough has doubled in size, punch the dough down. Now tare and form 4.5 oz balls (if you don’t have a scale use a 1/3 cup measurement as a reference). Roll each ball into a foot long rope. Now take a rope and knot it in the middle. Take each end and tuck into the middle as to leave no opening and the top and bottom look exactly the same. Let rise for another 2 hours (until doubled).

Heat oven to 425 degrees F with a pan full of water on bottom rack for steaming.

Brush or dip each bun (just the tops though) with an egg wash (1 egg to 1 cup milk). You can sprinkle on poppy seeds and/or sesame seeds if you would like, but it’s not necessary.

Bake for about 10 – 15 minutes

Move to a cooling rack and ENJOY! I absolutely love Kaiser Buns/Rolls and I wouldn’t buy anything else for my burgers.



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