Ginger Ale Soda

If you’re anything like me I LOVE GINGER ALE SODA! Especially when I’m sick or just not feeling well. I also have a soda stream machine and I love using it. If you don’t have a soda stream don’t worry about it! You can always just pick up some club soda and add this homemade ginger syrup recipe to it to make Ginger Ale.

Ingredients: 2 cups sugar, 2 cups water, 1 large ginger root (skinned and cut into pieces)

In a sauce pan, place all the ingredients in and bring to a boil, then switch to a medium heat. Keep at this heat for about half an hour. Strain and cool in the fridge.

In a cup pour some club soda and add some of the Ginger Syrup. Mix a little bit, but not too much as to not flatten the soda. Add in a little bit of lemon and lime juice and there you go! Homemade Ginger Ale!

(If you do have a soda stream, I found that 1/2 a cup of the syrup gives the best flavor with 2 Tbsp lemon juice and 2 Tbsp lime juice.) If you go with the 1 liter club soda, I would say the same goes for that as well.

It may not look like the Ginger Ale that you get at a store but it’s definitely healthier for you and it tastes almost the same!



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