So yesterday was my birthday and my sister got me a Citric Juicer. I was couldn’t wait to use it.

So tonight after I got done with work I bought some Tangerines, Oranges, Grapefruits, and Passion Fruit. All the fruits worked pretty good.

These are all separate juices:

4 Tangerines – tastes like orange juice but a little more tangy-e

5 Oranges

2 Grapefruits – tart and kinda sour (I think)

5 Passion Fruits – very tart and a little sour

The reason why I truly wanted a juicer was to go on a juice cleanse. They say to go on a cleans at least 2 times a year and I thought I would try it.

Now when I finished making all of the juices, I strained them through a fine chinois because I don’t like pulp.

 Tangerine Juice      Passion Fruit Juice

 Orange Juice         Grapefruit Juice


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