Green Tea Smoothie

For a snack I decided to make a Green Tea Smoothie. I’ve been trying to live a healthier life with working out and eating healthier and I thought “Hey! why not green tea? it’s one of the most healthiest things out there for you.” I’m not a fan of tea in anyway and so I thought I would buy a flavored green tea: Orange, Passion Fruit, Jasmine. I love those flavors! But it was still hard for me to like the tea itself. Since I started trying to live a healthier life, I’ve tried to drink at least a cup of green tea a day, but it was hard for me to seeing as I don’t really like the flavor. So tonight I finally figured out how I would drink my tea…make a smoothie with it! I mean I already love green tea smoothies so why not make my own?!

So I bought some Green Tea bags and made a cup of tea. I placed the finished cup in the fridge to cool down. Then I bought some Crystal Light drink mix and some vanilla Chobani Greek Yogurt.

I placed a little bit of the drink mix into the blender, added 2 spoon fulls of yogurt, added the green tea, and lastly a couple ice cubes. And must I say I absolutely LOVED IT!!! It’s sweet and healthy for you all at the same time. You get your protein from the greek yogurt, the flavor from the drink mix, and the super powers of the green tea.

History of Green Tea:

Green Tea originated in China about 4,000 years ago. The tea has been used in Asian culture for curing almost every illness possible from migraines to cancer to healing open wounds.  A book called Kissa Yojoki (the book of tea) explains all the health benefits of the tea. The only side effect of tea is that it has caffeine in it so it will keep you up at night, but green tea doesn’t have as much caffeine in it as black tea does.

I made a Strawberry Kiwi Green Tea Smoothie and it was AMAZING!


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