Chicken Broccoli Cordon Bleu

Tonight I made Chicken Broccoli Cordon Bleus. They were delicious!

I started out boning a chicken. I took off the breast, wings, and hind quarters. Then I took the breasts, cut off the tenderloin and then slit the breasts half way down and on the sides.

Then I steamed the broccoli florets. After the florets were done, I took some colby jack cheese, layed that down first in the slit chicken and then spooned the florets on the cheese and then placed the tenderloin to cover the florets and cheese.

I then took the finished product and dipped it in a flour, pepper, salt mixture then an egg wash mix and finally bread crumbs. After that process, I placed the chicken on plastic wrap and rolled it very tightly in the plastic and then placed it in the fridge until the oven was done heating up.

You heat the oven up to 325 degrees, but first you have to pan fry the chickens until golden brown. Then place on a pan and into the oven they go until the internal temp of the chickens is 165 degrees. Once they hit that temp they are ready to be pulled and eaten!


The history of Cordon Bleu:

Cordon Bleu in French means Blue Ribbon and first appeared in American Restaurants in the 1960’s. There are different versions of the dish in Europe that include chicken or veal wrapped around cheeses or other meats but it is unknown of the origin.


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