The challenge end

I know, I know! I’m super late on this post but I’ve been super busy with work and the new boyfriend, life just got away from me for a while.

Anyways here are the finale results:

I didnt weigh or measure myself but I can tell I lost some body fat! Weighing yourself is like paying attention to your BMI….it doesnt matter because muscle weighs more than fat! So here are the transformation pictures from the challenge:

The picture on the far right is the start of the challenge and the far left is the end. You can definately tell my tummy has gone down a bit.

So recently (like 2 weeks ago) I accidentally burned myself ( my arm, leg, and ankle) with hot oil at work ( I work in restaurants), and I have a race is a week but I don’t think I’ll be able to run it because burns on the foot take forever to heal. It sucks but I have to take care of myself first.

I will however continue to workout and do some diet challenges. I scheduled a free kickboxing workout for monday so I’m pretty excited!


Week 5 of 4

The reason why I’m doing a week 5 is because last week I didnt have time to workout at all! I was working doubles between 2 jobs and in the restaurant industry thats busy. But the good thing is I buked and walked everywhere so I did a lot of cardio.

Since I didn’t get to workout last week, I’m repeating last weeks workouts and doing them this week.

Hey ladies (and maybe men (if men are reading this)) it happens! We get so caught up with life and get super busy with our jobs and start working 16 hour days that we dont have time to do anything! But we get back up on the qagon and continue. Its hard for me because if I skip anything in my routine, I get lazy and don’t want to do the regular even though I know I need my routine. Its like I get bored if I miss a few days of workingout and I was doing to well on breaking that lazy habit! But it happens. And we move on.

Stay positive and continue to be you. Don’t let anything or anybody get you down either.

Week 4 of 4

Well its our last week of the challenge and I’m honestly not quite sure if I’ll have time to workout! I’m working double shifts almost everyday this week. But the days I’m not, you can be sure I’ll be working out.

I have noticed that my tummy has gone down a bit since starting this challenge, and although I’m not always eating the healthiest (I eat ice cream every day!) I have cut down on my eating habits. I think my next challenge will be to go full vegetarian for the month and see how that goes because that is what the “blood type diet” suggests because I’m blood type A positive (but I’ll get into that on the next challenge I start up.

Anyways here are this weeks workouts:


20 sumo squats

40 inner thigh leg raises

10 high knee jumps

15 squat jumps

10 each single leg squat knee twist lifts


10 half burpees

20 plank jacks

10 spider planks

15 plank rocks

15 push ups

Resistance band:

30 dead lifts

20 bicep curls

25 tricep extensions

10 resistance push ups

20 resistance squats

Rest for 30 second inbetween each set of workouts and then repeat 1 more time.

As always do some sort of cardio for half an hour at least!

Since Im going to be working so much Im going to try my hardest to eat super fucking healthy and always have 2 protein shakes a day! And intermitten fast after 5 pm and eat breakfast instead.

Also checkout the muscle box options! They do keep you motivated and they are the best fitness box around!

Week 3:4

We are in week 3 of this 4 week challenge and I’ve done more cardio last week than I have before. These workouts are ment to help reduce body fat and help with reducing lower tummy problems! So far they are working for me….what about you?

They say abs are made in the kitchen and yes that ia true. But dont ever concentrate on dieting. Dieting doesnt work (I mean it does for the time you’re on it but not in the long term). I always say that my life is a constant diet because I’m always qatching what I eat…except for ice cream….I can never stop eating that.

This weeks workouts include:


10 each side Curtsie single leg squat

20 high knee toe taps

10 squat jump turns

20 squat single knee up twists

20 single leg wall squats


2 1 minute wall planks (feet up on wall)

20 single leg bridge crunches

20 each single leg cross crunches

20 wall twisting mountain climbers

5 wall pike touches

15 push ups

Resistance band:

20 each leg extensions

15 lying leg abductions

20 tricep extensions

20 single leg bridge extensions

10 resistance deadlifts

And as always do some cardio (at least a half hour!)

So I’ve started to tone up now. Black is last week, blue is today!

I use a subscription called muscle box to keep myself motivated. It’s a box I get every month! It also gives me ideas for homemade protein bars because it sends you all the newest products.

If you’re interested go to:

Week 2:4

Week 1 is finished! Now onto week 2 of this challenge:


20 sumo squats

10 squat leg kicks

5 – 30 second wall sits

30 jumping jax

10 squat calf raises

20 side clam leg lifts


20 knee crunches

3 – 1 minute planks

30 twisting mountain climbers

20 side crunches each side

15 elbow plank twists each side

10 side plank leg lifts

Resistance band:

15 tricep extensions

15 lateral raises

15 bicep curls

10 (each way) side walking squats

Repeat each workout in 2 rounds with a 30 second break inbetween each.

Me in black is today and as you can see I’ve slimmed down a bit!

If you wanna join muscle box like me go to this website:

Week 1:4 week challenge

Week one of this challenge is going to start out with a 2 mile walk around the park, then onto legs, abs, band workouts, and then stretching.


20 squats

10 each alternating lunges

10 squat jumps

10 jumping jax

10 pistol squats

Take a 30 second break


20 flutter kicks

20 bicycle crunches

10 leg raises

10 sit ups

10 straight leg sit ups

20 russian twists

10 reverse crunches

10 dynamic (elbow) planks

30 second Break

Band (use a workout band for this 1):

10 lateral raises

20 upright rows

15 calf raises

15 should presses

10 glut of bridges

10 tricep extensions

10 bicep curls

Do all 3 sets of exercises with 30 second break inbetween (tabata/HIIT). Repeat each workout in 2 rounds!

Here is a picture of me starting today:

Each day increase all the reps by 10 for an entire week.

Each week I will switch up the routines and check in with pictures as well so see progress!

Week 8

Well here I am. I’ve decided to do a little challenge for myself. A small 4 week challenge or if it goes a bit longer if it is a great one!

The challenge is to get back onto a vegetarian diet and loose body fat while doing all the workouts that have been sent to me through my miss muscle box (for those looking for workout inspiration I highly suggest signing up for it). And although I may slip up a bit because I will allow 1 animal product into my diet which is chicken or turkey. I’m not going to join a gym, I’m going to workout outside at the park! My main focus will be the exercises from the box and eating because it is true that abs are made in the kitchen and to get bodyfat percentage down you have to cut A LOT out of your diet.

I’m going to be forcing myself to get up when my alarm goes off every morning and I will have 1 day off a week from exercises which will be sundays! Except for my daily bike rides because I need a way to get to work and around town.

I’ve only been 1 month sober and its hitting me because I oddly thought it was longer than that. But I will prevail and get back on track and cleanse my body of toxins and get the body I’ve always dreamed of!

I’m also going to incorpirate exercises that arent in the pamphlets but work for workingout at a park. As well as I’m going to continue to enhance my French language skills and continue to become fluent! Its gonna be a lot but I know I can do it.